A Rich Opportunity

The Toowoomba and Surat Basin region is rich with opportunity and LocalWorkers.com.au is all about trying to help fulfil that potential by connecting people with information regarding employment, training and liveability.

For employers, whether you are large or small, we want to offer you services and tools that makes it easier for you to access skilled and productive workers. Our aim is to form part of your Local Employment strategy through our technology or customised programmes of work. Any industry, any size – we want to tune into your current Local employment strategy.

For local workers, whether you work in Agriculture, Community Health or Energy & Resources, we want to provide you a platform to access jobs, training and information that will make it easier to find work and develop your skills.

For FIFO and DIDO workers, we respect your choice to live where you please and work where you please. Who are we to judge the complex family and lifestyle choices you have to individually make? LocalWorkers includes you.

And finally for the FIFO and DIDO workers who may be getting sick of the roster and who have some motivation to move to the region, we hope we can provide you easy access to some information that may help you make a decision on whether the Surat Basin is a good place for you to live, work and play.